crayon, p. digital giclee print on paper. 28" x 14"

About the artist:

After growing up in rural Minnesota with seven siblings, horses, sheep, ducks, dogs, cats, llama and Jimmy the Monkey, Matthew packed up and moved to Brooklyn to pursue painting. He traded his brushes for digital tools, working as manager/lead illustrator/photo retoucher for Advertising Arts, a NYC production house. He now lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and two kids.

He still misses his monkey.

Matthew continues to create art for world-class brands, including Mercedes, Tom Ford, Chanel, Estee Lauder, BMW, Nikon, Fila, David Yurman, Harvard, The Museum of Modern Art, among others. His work can be found in the pages of Communication Arts

He is also returning to the realm of fine art with a work series that hovers between hand-made and photographic, leveraging the use of modern 2D and 3D digital tools.


lust: a look at the underlying wireframe and construction. The final piece is here.

You can view examples of Matthew's production work here.